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Famous Quotes July 31, 2008

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Each day I get to hear wonderful things that your children say…

Sept 4, 2008

(I am sure I will hear many more wonderful things as the year progresses!)

“I went down the slide and I wooshed so fast!” – Maria

“I liked running around in gym!” – Kevin

“My teacher is so funny” – unknown (heard in the hallway)

Sept. 8, 2008

“Mrs. Arsenault, can I have some graham crappers?”

Sept. 23, 2008

Would you rather have a limo or cool car? – Brett Morgan

Sometimes my sister doesn’t flush the toilet at home – (I’ll protect his identity on this one)


One Response to “Famous Quotes”

  1. kevinsmom Says:

    Love the famous quotes! 🙂

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