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Swing into a Good Game! February 17, 2009

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Below are some games that revolve around the reading month theme, “Swing into a Good Book!  Eee! Eee! Ooo! Ooo!  Ahh! Ahh!


teachersCurious George Games

These games are for K-1 students



mimic-the-monkey-132Mimic the Monkey

Great memory game!  Mimic the monkey who is playing the bongos.  Level: All ages


monkeykick_logoMonkey Kick Off

Help the monkey kick the ball as far as possible.  This game is silly, but it can be used as a way to play a greater than/less than game with your kids.  It also helps them practice reading larger numbers.

dancemonkeydanceDance Monkey Dance

This game is so silly!  It is a dancing monkey that you control with the arrow keys.  All Ages will like this one! Mr. Arsenault and I are addicted to this one!  The music is GREAT!



This game is just like “Pac-Man”, but it is a monkey!



13573_cute_baby_monkey_eating_a_bananaStoryplace Presents: Monkeys!

This website has stories, games and more!  It is very cute!

Check out the reading list they have posted! BOOK LIST





Cross the Swamp  –  Help the monkey cross the swamp!  Skills: Addition, Subtraction and multiplication, 1-20, 20-40, 60-80, 80-100





Watch the apes at the SanDiego Zoo in real time!




spider-monkeySPIDER MONKEY!

Watch a spider monkey video on TeacherTube (it is like YouTube, but it only has educational material on it)  May take a few moments to load and you have to click off the ads if they pop up


hangin_around_md_wht1PRIMATE JOKES! 

Jokes from the World Ape and Monkey Rescue Site




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