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Popcorn and Writing Workshop November 21, 2009

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The children are doing a great job reading their popcorn words at school and home.  We will now begin “Word Study.”  Students will rotate through tables with their flash cards.  They will spell, write and read their words in creative and fun ways.  Each child will work on their own words.  It is a great way to make sure that each child is working at his/her level.

I am going to step up the testing frequency now that the program is off and running.  This program is designed to be low pressure and FUN!  I love how self driven each child is.  They really motivate me!

Writing Workshop

Here are some goals we are working on during writing workshop:

  • Spaces between words

  • Labeling your illustrations

  • Make sure the words match the picture

  • Point to the words when you read your writing

  • Try not to “stop” writing when you cannot spell a word (write the sounds you hear!)

  • Adding details: Who was there?, What happened?, When was it?, Where were you?

Please remember that each child is unique and will be working on different goals during writing workshop.

Reading Workshop

During Reading Workshop we will be studying word families and reading books at our reading level.  Comprehension will also be a big part of Reading Workshop.  Retelling is a great way to find out if your child knows what they read.  Drawing pictures about the story is another way too!


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