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Halloween Party and more… October 6, 2010

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We are having our Halloween party on Thursday, October 28th.  The party is 1:00 – 2:15pm. The school Halloween parade will begin at 2:15.  The children will bring their costumes in a bag to school and put them on at 12:45.  See the category: HALLOWEEN for more info.  If you are interested in hosting a craft or activity, please let me let me know!



Your child is welcome to bring candy to pass out to the class if they would like to.——————————


We are working on -at words next week.  We will be reading the “bat song” (they should know this song already) on sentence strips and we will be making an “-at” book that we will keep in our new book pouches.   Look for “at” words around the house or when you are driving in the car.  This is our first word family of the year!






We will be making our very special “MAGIC READING WANDS” this week.  The children have hooks in their cubbies where they hang their wands.  They use the wands to read.  They can use their wands to read to our 2nd grade buddies (from Mrs. Ruggles’ class!)


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