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Cheerios! January 3, 2011

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3 Cheers for Spanish!!!

Mrs. Ruggero (Spanish Teacher) needs a few boxes of Cheerios for her Kindergarten class.  If you are able to donate one box of cheerios, please let me know or just send one in :o)





“Picture Walk” – Before you read a book with your child, have them take a picture walk!  This involves only looking at the pictures in the book.  During the picture walk help your child refer to the characters, the setting (place), and story events.  You can also ask your child to predict what they think will happen on the “next page.”  After the picture walk, go back and read the text!

“Finger Pointing to the Words” – As your child reads books at his/her independent level, help them remember to point to the words as they are reading.  Often kids will memorize books and not focus on reading the words correctly.  Pointing to the words will help them focus on the text.


Skip Counting by 5’s

We will be focusing on skip counting by 10’s, and 5’s.  We will be exploring the 100 chart and patterns that you can make by skip counting.  It will be a fun exploration of number patterns!  We also count and do kinesthetic activities.  We jump, lift invisible weights, do stretches, and more!  It is a fun way to count!




NON Fiction Homework will be coming home tomorrow!  It is due every Wednesday and will come home every Wednesday.


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