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Math Games! August 25, 2011

Filed under: Math — Bethany Arsenault @ 10:31 am

Math Games for you to play at home!


This new game we will be playing in class this year teaches number sense, more than/less than and is a way to practice good manners when playing a game with a friend.

Supplies needed: A deck cards with numbers on them


  1. Divide the cards among players (2 players )

  2. All card should stay face down in a neat pile

  3. each player flips up his/her top card

  4. The player with the higher card says aloud: for example, ” 8 is higher than 4″ and takes those cards and puts them in his/her point pile.

  5. If the players have the same number, then just put another card on top of those cards.

  6. At the end of the game, count the cards and the player with the most cards (points) wins!

  7. Shake hands and say “good game”, “congratulations”, “good for you”, ” you are fun to play with”, etc…

Need a challenge?  Play DOUBLE COMPARE (each player puts out 2 cards instead of one and adds them together)


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