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Rules and Routines August 26, 2011

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Please read all three posts below 🙂 thank you!


Class Number

  • Each student will have a “class number”  (1-24)
  • Click the PDF file below for Class Numbers assignments:

Assigned spots

  • Each student has an assigned spot when we line up (A, B, C, D, E…).  They will either be in the “blue line” or the “green line”
  • Students will have an assigned square to sit in when they sit in group.  The rules are: Don’t touch the tape and respect other’s personal space by keeping your bodies inside your square
  • Table Teams – Each student will sit at an assigned spot and be a part of a team.  Each team has supplies that only belong to that table.  The teams are: Dolphin, Elephant, Turtle, Penguin, Tiger, Squirrel, and Monkey.


  • Each student has a cubby for academic items
  • Items allowed in the cubby: bookbox, handwriting workbook, “try-it” notebook, Writing Workshop Folder, Magic Reading Wand, Math box…
  • No food, water or clothing should be put in the cubby.


  • Each student has a mailbox AND a take home folder (I provide this)
  • The folder needs to be brought back to school EVERY DAY.
  • Parents can put any notes for the teacher in this folder.
  • Please do not put any stickers or write anything on this folder.
  • Please send this folder back to school either: EMPTY or WITH any notes for the teacher/school.  I will check these folders at the beginning of the year, but eventually he/she will be responsible for handing in any notes to me.  You are also welcome to pin notes to your child’s shirt or email me directly.


Good Choices Chart

  • Green = 2 stickers (awesome!)
  • Yellow = 1 stickers (Slow down, check your choices!)
  • Orange = 0 stickers (oops!  We REALLY need to take a break and think about what we SHOULD have done instead)
  • Red = 0 stickers (call parent, Chat with Mrs. LaRosa if needed, and take some time out to think about our choices)

Classroom Jobs

  • Classroom jobs will begin after I model each job in class. (around the Beg. of Oct)
  • On a rotation, the students will get to do jobs around the classroom.

Toys from home

  • Please keep ALL toys from home AT home.
  • The star of the week is the only one  (unless given permisson by teacher) allowed to bring in items to share.

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