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Writing Writing Writing!! August 26, 2011

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writing1Writing Workshop!

Every day we do Writing Workshop.  The children draw & write stories about their own lives.

Our first goal is to get the children to DRAW and then LABEL their pictures with words.  We practice labeling “me” in our pictures first.  After that the student will develop at their own rate.  Some may be ready to label pictures with the first letter of the word, while others may be working on the beginning and ending sound of the word. After the child is able to label 3 things in his/her pictures successfully, they can begin to write his/her story!


kidstalking2Story Telling!

Your child should work on telling you about his/her stories using spoken words.  We always turn and talk before we get ready to write our stories.  Practice telling and retelling stories at home.  Have them tell you 3 things.  Help them use these words: “First, next, then, last”.  It will help them write better stories with a beginning/middle/end!


drawDrawing Practice!

Before the kids write in Writing Workshop, they draw a “picture plan.”  Many children need practice drawing people and labeling objects in their picture.  Help your child practice these skills at home.  The people in the pictures should have arms, legs, and as many human features as possible.  Practicing these skills will help improve your child’s picture plans and will make it easier to write his/her stories.


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