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Week in Review 9/19 – 9/22 September 23, 2011

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Week in Review

9/19 – 9/22

We had an amazing week!  We learned SO much!  
Here are a few highlights from our week…


In math we studied patterns.  We used pattern blocks (square, triangle, hexagon, trapezoid and rhombus) to fill in various pictures and we created pattern block snakes.  Please review A-B and A-B-C patterns with your child.  We also played the Cookie Monster Pattern Game located under the category, “Games” on our blog.  Please practice at home with your child 🙂



We are working on “VOLUME CONTROL”.  Help your child practice the appropriate volume levels at home.  (“Whisper”, “Inside voice” and “Outside voice”, “3 inch voice”)  We tell the children,  “if you are whispering, the only person who can hear you is the person you are whispering to/next to.”  Thank you for your help with this!




We learned how to make an F and E this week.  We learned that all letters have these basic lines: big lines, little lines, little curves and big curves.  We use little chalkboards that have a smiley in the top right corner that we call the “starting corner.”  When your child makes an F, they should be saying how to make that letter:

What your child should SAY when they make an F:

      1. Starting Corner or Smiley

      2. Long line down

      3. Frog jump

      4. little line

      5. little line

To Make an E, just add one more little line.  Ask your child how to make these letters at home 🙂  But remember, this is supposed to be FUN!



Writing your name!

Your child should be able to write his/her name independently.  Please practice this skill at home.  To make practicing fun, try writing your name in shaving cream, sand, or sidewalk chalk!  At school we teach your child to use uppercase and lowercase letters in their name, but if your child is having difficulty with that, they can use uppercase for now.  I will upload some printable practice pages with your child’s name on it.  I’ll email you when that is ready.



Writing Workshop Folders

Yesterday your child brought home a purple folder with paper instructions stapled to it.  We use these folders every day during Writing Workshop.  Please carefully remove the paper instructions and then help your child decorate his/her folder with pictures, photos, names, etc that will inspire them to write about his/her own life!  They can use these folders to come up with ideas about what to write about during writing workshop.  They are due on or before Thursday, Sept. 29th.  Thank you for your help!  Let me know if you have any questions 🙂



Spicer’s Field Trip!

We will be going to to Spicer’s on Monday, October 1oth.  The cost per person is $10 (this fee includes bus transportation, apples, a pumpkin, donut, cider, playground, hayride and a sticker!)  Permission slips will go home on Monday and will be due Thursday, September 29th.  I will post a PDF copy on the blog as well.  We would love some volunteers to come along with us!  Please let me know via email if you are interested in chaperoning.  It is always so much fun!


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