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Reflecting on the past 2 weeks! October 9, 2011

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Phonic Soup!

Please practice the following letter NAMES and SOUNDS at home!  M, B, T, D, P, W and our first vowel: “A.”  Check out the phonic soup activities on my other blog that I created for my masters program: PHONIC SOUP




The students used small chalkboards to practice writing the letters F, E, D, P and next week we will focus on B, R and N .  We are still waiting for our handwriting workbooks to arrive, so for now I will copy the pages from an extra workbook I have.



Specials Schedule

I published our specials schedule on our blog now that it is finalized under the category, “specials schedule.”  (Art, Music, P.E., Library, & Spanish.)  In addition, I take the class to the computer lab 1-2 times a week.




I took the class to the computer lab for the first time!  We learned how to open a browser, click on a link in the toolbar and log into more.starfall independently.   Please work on mouse control with your child at home.





We are focusing on the following skills in “Math Mission” :

            • Identifying numbers 1-10

            • Counting orally to 20

            • Counting objects up to 10

            • Patterns A-B and A-B-C patterns

            • Writing numbers 1 – 10



Morning Snacks!

Please remember to pack your child one or more healthy morning snacks.  No greasy chips or brownies/cookies please.  If you would like I can order your child a morning snack from the cafeteria (see the breakfast menu.)



Classroom Volunteer Opportunities!

If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom, please complete the following form.  I will email you as I get online forms to confirm days/times and then I will put the names/days/times on the Google Calendar on our classroom blog.




The party date is TBD due to the fact that the school wide party is now scheduled for Friday (when we are not there).  The updated party date will be announced tomorrow!  I’ll send you an email tomorrow with the new date.




Reading A-Z Kids!

I purchased a really fun reading program for our class.  Your child will be bringing home a card with a username and password to access Reading A-Z Kids!   This will help your child improve his/her reading skills as they listen to modeled fluency, read independently for practice,  and check his/her comprehension with quizzes.  Students can access this program from any computer that has Internet access.  Please look for this information coming home on Tuesday!


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