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Kindergarten November News… November 13, 2011

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We are practicing reading to ourselves and to our 1st grade buddies and friends in the class.  Here are some things you can practice at home when reading…

          • point to the words as you read.
          • Do a “word search” before you read (adult points and child says words)
          • Let your child hold the book and have them practice showing the pictures to a friend as they read.
          • Talk about what happened in the book (retell)


Reading Homework Update!

When the students complete 10 reading homework assignments, they will receive a coupon for a free Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza!  more information about Book-it, please click here.  Book It Website

I will also start rewarding students for time they spend reading on RAZ-kids.  Stay tuned for details!


Popcorn Words

Thank you so much for working with your children at home!  They are doing such an amazing job!  We will be searching for popcorn words in the hallway and classroom this week.  You can do this fun activity at your house or at the grocery store!
We also use rainbow words to help the students learn how to spell popcorn words.  They trace the word with different color crayons as they say the letter name out loud and then underline it as they say, “spells _____.”




We are now starting to study the TEEN numbers.  The biggest thing to remember is that teen numbers begin with a ONE.  Please practice identifying and counting teen numbers at home.


Math Mission

Math Mission is a lot like Daily Plan.  The students have “Missions” that they need to accomplish.  The children will be getting number flashcards to use with their “Missions.”  The great part is that they will be practicing with numbers at their own levels.  The children will be assessed once a week.


Just a few reminders from recent blog posts:



The Kindergarten will be hosting a coins for kitties and dimes for dogs fundraiser – Starting December 2nd!  We are also in need of donations for the December 2nd Bucket Filler Event.  We need baby socks so that students can make catnip toys for the animals at the humane society.  I will send home a note on Monday about the event and our Service Learning Project.


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