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Happy New Year! January 5, 2012

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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families 🙂  

I missed all those sweet smiling faces!



We are in need of some donations for our community afternoon snack.

We are running very low.  Thank you!




Writing Workshop!

Our BIG goal for the month of January is to improve our writing skills.  The goal is to have your child writing 3 sentence by June.  Please practice writing sentence at home.  One practice suggestion is to have them type me an email.  The “Space bar” on a computer is an excellent way to teach spaces and children will often write more if they type it.  I will be happy to respond to any emails your child sends to me!  The goal is to let them sound out the words and spell the words themselves.  You can gently remind them that each word has a vowel.



Count by 10’s and 5’s

The expectation is that your child should be able to count orally 50 by the end of January.  Please practice at home.  In addition, we will be practicing counting by 10’s and 5’s.  Please practice at home, in the car, waiting in line at the grocery store, etc.




RAZ-Kids website

The kids visit the computer lab twice a week.  We read for at least 20-30 minutes in the lab on on Wednesdays  The kids love it!  I get a weekly report of the kids’ progress and how many minutes your children are reading on the site.  It is VERY impressive!  Keep up the great work!




The PAST PRESENT FUTURE projects look GREAT!  We will present them Thursday and all next week.  The kids were so excited to show them to me 🙂  Thank you so much for taking the time to work with your child on that project.





This homework assignment will be begin next Thursday.  This homework is DUE and sent home every Thursday.  It is meant to be an assignment that you work on throughout the week.  This is a really fun way to learn about non fiction topics.

It is important that your child turns in this homework on time.  (Your child receives a grade on their report card for turning in homework on time.)


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