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Groundhog Day! January 30, 2012

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Happy Groundhog Day!

Will the groundhog see her shadow?  On Tuesday, each student will get a chance to vote.  We will celebrate by making a puppet and learning songs as well.  We will watch the results online (hopefully if everything work out right!)



January Assessments

I will be assessing your child in math, reading, and spelling this week.  Did I mention that the kids LOVE to be tested!  They really do!  It make me chuckle when they get bummed that they can’t do the assessment again because it was fun.  🙂  The spelling inventory will tell me what spelling level your child is at.  I will share this data with you when I am finished.  We are working on counting by 1’s, 10’s and this week we will begin counting by fives to 100.  Please practice at home.



Reading Groups Begin!

Thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers, reading groups are up and running!  Students will meet with their group at least once a week.  The groups will give students more opportunities to practice their reading strategies and enjoy a good book with friends!




Classroom Store

Students in our class can earn “classroom dollars” for a variety of reasons: “staying on green”, “accomplishing a goal”, being helpful, etc. The students have a “wallet” where they keep their money.  Once a month they can spend their money at our classroom store.  The store is a combination of prizes and coupons for things like “bring a stuffed animal to school” or “have lunch with Mrs. Arsenault.”   The kids get VERY excited about it.  Tuesday, Jan 31st is our next scheduled “classroom store.”



Talent Show

We will be performing  at the school talent show on February 16th at 9:30am.  More details to come!


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