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Classroom Store and Blogs February 1, 2012

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I wanted to let you know something about class store.  The kids were able to purchase coupons for a variety of things.  They can redeem these coupons on any school day with the exception of “lunch with Mrs. Arsenault.”  If they bought that coupon, I will email you to let you know which day they will be eating lunch with me.  

The other coupons include:

  • bring a stuffed animal to school

  • Work at teacher’s desk

  • Extra Computer Time

  • Sit in teacher’s chair

  • check out an extra library book

  • pick the story time book at quiet time

The kids really worked hard to earn those “Brrr… Bucks” in the month of January.  The “money” in February will be called “Puppy Love Points” and “Kitty Kindess Cash.”  Students can earn these dollars throughout the month for staying on green, good deeds, doing their personal best, and more…


ALSO… Now that the computer lab is open again (it was closed due to MAP testing).  We can FINALLY start working on our individual student blogs.  I will send the username and password for your child via email.  It is a sort of complicated username and password (assigned by the district), so if you could practice at home, it would make it much easier for your child to log in.  Any practice using a mouse, touchpad and keyboard will definitely help your child be more successful when working on their blog.


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