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Happy February! February 11, 2012

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Valentine’s Day Party!

We will be having an ice cream sundae party.  The ice cream treat is a reward for raising the most money for the Humane Society



Snack Needed!


If each child could send in one box of crackers, cereal, goldfish, pretzels, etc…we would greatly appreciate it 🙂  

Also: Please remember to send a morning snack for your child each day.  We do not each lunch until 12:30 and the kids get pretty hungry.


We would love some more Lysol Dual Action, Clorox wipes (or ANY brand)





– practice counting by fives to 100

– Practice counting to 100 by ones

– 2d and 3d shapes (know names, sort by attributes)




– practice pointing to the words as you read

– picture walk (predict what will happen by looking at the book’s pictures before you read the words)

– Point out popcorn words and phrases that your child can read in environmental text!  (e.g. – at the store, around the house, street signs, etc.)



Talent Show

The talent show is Thursday, February 16th at 9:30pm.  Please help your child pick out a unique outfit for the performance.  If you need any help, please let me know. The kids are really excited for the show.




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