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Technology Integration August 21, 2012

Filed under: Technology Integration — Bethany Arsenault @ 12:31 am

I take the children to the computer lab every Tuesday/Thursday.  After a mini-lesson, the children utilize web based educational games that specifically complement the Common Core Standards.

I encourage students to use vocabulary such as: “browser”, “link”, “monitor”, “space bar”, etc…  I also encourage early keyboarding skills.  Please check out the “Games” category on the right.  Those are some of the educational games we use in the lab.

I am graduating in December from MSU with a Masters in Educational Technology.    Early exposure to technology will help your child be better prepared for first grade.  Here is a copy of the Michigan GLCEs for Technology:





I purchased a subscription to MORE.STARFALL.COM for our class.  This awesome site focuses on Literacy and Math.  Each student gets to create a log-in and password with an individualized avatar.  I can track their progress as well. is not available for home use under my subscription because I only have enough “authorizations” for the 30 computers in the lab.  You can purchase it through their website for home use for $35 a year if you would like to.

The free version of starfall is also available for home use:




We have a Classroom iPad!!

Our class will be piloting an iPad program this year!  Our class was given an iPad to use for the year.  

It is a great opportunity!  


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