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Happy New Year! September 12, 2012

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We had a wonderful first few days of school!

We did SO much!  Here are a few highlights…



The first several days of school include learning rules and routines!  Review with your child about the importance of raising his/her hand, not interupting when others are speaking, sharing and using kind words/hands.

We began using the “Good Choices Chart” this week.  The children can earn a treasure chest prize if they stay on green the whole week.


Good Choices Chart Overview

  • Green = (awesome!)
  • Yellow = was already given 3 reminders (Slow down, check your choices!)
  • Orange = lose privileges (oops!  We really need to take a break and think about what we SHOULD have done instead)
  • Red = (Student will have to leave classroom, call parent and chat with Mrs. LaRosa.  The student may be sent home if his/her behavior is unsafe.



We had a discussion about playground safety.  We talked about wearing tennis shoes, keeping wood chips on the ground, taking turns and not climbing slides.  


See the post about what letter sounds we learned during Phonic Soup time. (under the category on the right, “Phonic Soup”)


We learn about Speech Helpers!    Each child colored and read a book about Speech Helpers.  Check out what the speech helpers are all about: Speech Helpers!




We sang a song about sharks, played freeze dance and the students were excited to use  the  microphone for community circle.





During “Daily Plan” time, the students learned how to use the Daily Plan menu to complete “have tos” before they were able to sign up for center choices.  The best part about the Daily Plan format is that it allows me the flexibility to differentiate for each child’s needs.   We also have a similar format for mathematics in the afternoon called “Math Mission.”  This will help you know what skills we are working on.








SPANISH, ART, Music, Computer Skills and PE!

The students attended Spanish with Mrs. Ruggero, Art with Mrs. Harris, PE with Mr. Carney, Music with Mrs. Pecot and Computer Skills with Mrs. Ignani.  They will also have Technology Integration with Mrs. Arsenault 1-2 times per week.  Our specials schedule is available under the category “Specials.




LUNCH TIME!  (11:30 – 12:15)

The students ate lunch in the cafeteria.  We eat lunch first and then proceed to the playground for lunch recess.  If you would like your child to order hot lunch or milk, please deposit money into their account using Zangle.  Here is the link to Zangle: Zangle Link




SCHOOL PHOTOS went very well!  The students received nice photo name tags to wear at school.  They need to keep these name tags at school.






A few skills to work on at home…

Cutting skills – we use scissors daily in the classroom.  I noticed that some children really need practice using scissors.  Students can even practice cutting play-doh at home

Help your child practice writing their name.  We need students to write their names on their papers every day.

Identifying numbers and counting orally.  The expectation is that your child be able to count to 100 by the end of the school year.  They also need to be able to count 30 objects and identify numbers. 0-30.

Identify letter names and sounds.

Practice taking turns, being patient (not interrupting) and using courtesy words such as “please”, “thank you” and “your welcome.”

Another social skill to work on is appropriate volume levels for outside play and inside the classroom.  Practice different “volumes” of voices at home.

Practice using a mouse at home.




Every Friday is a “Fun Friday!”  This week the Fun Friday is Pajama Day!





Take Home Folders!

I sent home your child’s “take home folder” last week.  I feel that they are great way send home paper notes and classwork on a daily basis.  Please make sure that the folder stays neat and clean.   The Folder MUST RETURN TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY!

I appreciate your help with this process.  If you have any notes for me, please put them in this folder.

You can also pin a note to your child’s shirt or send me an email.


Coming in October: We will be starting Star of the Week, Popcorn Words and parent volunteers!


4 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Renee D Cox Says:

    This is such good information. Thanks a ton!

  2. Lyn Backlund Says:

    Excited to volunteer! Is there is a form I missed?

    • Bethany Arsenault Says:

      Volunteers will begin mid October! :o) I am so happy that you want to volunteer!!! Look for some information via email very very soon!

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