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First few days! September 12, 2012

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This week we studied the letters M and B!

Practice the letter sounds and letter names M, B.  Look for things that begin with these letters around the house and in the car.

We also use a character and hand motion to help us remember how to make the sound.  (Your children should be able to show you the hand motions, tell you the letter name and the letter sound.)



M  –    “Marvelous Marshmallows… mmm (lips pressing)

Rub belly when you say this 




B –   “Bubbling Beans say B, B, B” (lips are bouncing)

Motion hands downward (ask your child to show you)




.Click here to visit my phonic soup project for more information about M and B and some fun online and printable activities!



Next week we will be studying P and W!!!


P – “Popping Popcorn…P, P, P”   –   

Pretend to pop popcorn in the air with your hands.






W – “Wendy the Whiner says W, W, W”   –   Pretend you are Wendy who is whining to be picked up.  Arms up straight.  The cool part is that you are making a W with your arms/head!


****Please make sure that your child is practicing the letter sound correctly.  For example, make sure that they are not pronouncing the P sound as “PUH”.  We often use an imaginary pair of scissors to “cut” the sound to avoid adding the extra “uh” sound.



We also talked about Speech Helpers (see link for more information: Speech Helpers!





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