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Letter Sounds we are studying this week! September 16, 2012

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Help your child find words that either begin or contain the following letter sounds at home.  We have been working on knowing the difference between a letter NAME and a letter SOUND.  Please help your child practice knowing the difference at home.  Point to upper and lowercase letters in your child’s environment to see if they know the letter sound each letter makes.  Encourage your child to use the Phonic Soup kinesthetic motion that relates to each letter sound.  *


We studied these letter names and sounds last week:

N – “Neverman says N, N, N”

Shake head back and forth


A – “Al says aaa”

put hand in front of face and then brush away


We will study these letter sounds this week (Mon/Tues):


snare_drumD – Drumming Drummer says D, D, D

Pretend that you are drumming using index fingers



Full-WhiteKitchenTimerT – Ticking Timer says, “T-T-T”

*finger ticks back and forth




We will study these letters on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:


69806_SMY – “Yelling Yeller says Y”

Hands pretend to karate chop




H – “Happy the Clown says, H-H-H”

Put hand in front of hand and say H sound (feel breath)



thumbs_upShort U – (Umbrella)

point up up up


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