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Some Quick Updates :o) September 24, 2012

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We are having such a GREAT time at school!  Here are just a few highlights:


  • read the books: “Mr. Wiggle’s Book”, “If You Are Happy and You Know It”, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” , “There is a Monster at the End of This Book” and many many more!

  • were assigned table teams, a line color (green or blue), and a chart where we will sign up for lunch!

  • did calendar,  learned the days of the week song (to the tune head-shoulders-knees-toes) and the months of the year song (to the tune,  “Macarena”).

  • learned the letter names/sounds: M, B, P, W, N, A, D, T   – We ate marshmallows for the letter M and Popcorn for the letter P!  See the Phonic Soup Category for more information: Phonic Soup

  • learned  how to write 3 “frog jump letters” : F, E, and D  (Check out these Handwriting Videos: Frog Jump Letters & Numbers Videos (also available under the topic, “Handwriting” on the right)

  • Learned how to use the iPad, Desktop Computer, SMART board and Laptop for center time.  Here is a fun list of Literacy Games that we will use throughout the year: Mrs. A’s Literacy Games/Videos

  • Created our FIRST piece of writing!  We are working on adding DETAILS to our writing.  Please practice drawing and telling stories about our drawings at home.  Please practice writing the “date” in this format as well: (9-25-12)

  • learned about EET!  Mrs. Bergquist came in to tell us all about her dog JAKE.  She taught us all about EET and how it helps us tell everything about a topic we want to write/tell about! (see below)

  • learned about the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4!  Please review writing, identifying and counting objects up to four at home.  We also practiced counting orally to 10.  Kindergarten students need to be able to count to 100 by the end of the school year.  Your child will also need to count by 10’s to 100 and by 5’s to 100.  I put together a collection of Math Games/Videos based on the Common Core: Mrs. A’s Kindergarten Math Games

  • practiced writing our names using Twizzler Pull and Peel candy!  The kids loved this 🙂  Your child needs to write his/her name several times a day, so please practice this at home.

  • have been learning A LOT about school and classroom rules.  We are working on patience, raising our hands, keeping our hands to ourselves and being a good sport.



  • “Star of the Week” will be starting very soon.  I will release the schedule for star of the week on our calendar on the blog.  (Stay tuned!)

  • Classroom Volunteers will begin mid-October.  I will email you a sign up/schedule very soon!


Our class has been doing SO WELL with the Fun Run fundraiser!  As of today we have $800 in pledges!

I am SO PROUD of our class!

Keep up the GREAT WORK!



There are some GREAT things happening in the weeks ahead!

I am really enjoying getting to know your children 🙂  We appreciate all of your support!


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