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Happy October! October 1, 2012

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Can you believe it is October already?

    • We are focusing on the letter names/sounds: H, Y and U this week.  Please help your child find these letters around your home and help them practice the letter sounds at home.
    • We made an October Calendar and talked about the holidays and activities in October.
    •  Each child received a very special “Moose” Reading Buddy to keep in his/her book box.  We also made magic reading wands out of popsicle sticks, ribbon and glitter!  We use our magic wands to point to the words and we can read to our little Moose friends as well!
    • The children keep their books in their “book boxes.”  This is where they can go to find books to read independently.
    • Math – We will be studying 5, 6 and 7 this week.  We will be learning a variety of math games this week as well.
    • During Handwriting, students use chalkboards, iPads, shaving cream and workbooks to practice writing numbers and letters.  We are focusing on “Frog Jump Capitals.”  We have learned how to write uppercase F, E, D, P and B.
    • Mrs. Bergquist came in to help us practice EET.  She gave each child a jellybean.  They described the jellybean using the EET system.  The students did very well and really enjoyed eating jellybeans!
    • I posted the October Lunch Menu on our blog.



Tomorrow is the FUN RUN!!!  I am beyond proud of you and your children!  It is going to be a very healthy and happy event!  Please send your child in socks/tennis shoes and some comfortable clothes to run/walk in.   Your child will receive a purple shirt as they arrive at school in the morning.  Kindergarten is running at 9:45.  Please email me if you have any questions.



I am working on a parent volunteer schedule.  I will email you a link to an online sign up VERY soon!



Please check our classroom calendar to see when your child will be star of the week.  Your child will bring home a special bag (with instructions) the Friday before they are Star Of The Week.

Here is a blog post all about “Star of the Week” – Star of the Week

Please let me know if I can help or answer any questions.  I want your child’s special week to be the best week possible 🙂  I will do my best to help!


2 Responses to “Happy October!”

  1. staceycarson Says:

    Lainey will love these Star activities, what a fun way for the kids to get to know each other and share what they are proud of too!

  2. Thank you so much for this blog! It really helps to keep us informed on what is going on in the classroom…

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