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Mrs. Dover & Mrs. Bergquist October 25, 2012

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Mrs. Dover

Mrs. Dover is our wonderful Student and Family Specialist.

She helps students acheive success and growth in their social and emotional lives.

She taught us a great life skill that will help us deal with someone who is “bugging” us.

When someone is bugging you, say: “It bugs me when…” and follow it with saying, “I wish you would stop…”

So we use “A BUG AND A WISH!” to help use our words to tell someone to stop doing something that we do not like.

We are also learning about the importance of using COURTESY WORDS: please, thank you, I’m sorry, excuse me and your welcome.

Mrs. Dover does a wonderful job connecting with students.

I can’t wait to see what she teaches us next!



Mrs. Bergquist

Mrs. Bergquist is our speech teacher at Lakeland Elementary.

Mrs. Bergquist comes into our classroom weekly to help students with EET and phonemic awareness (letter sounds and making words).

Mrs. Bergquist is a fantastic teacher!

We love having her in the room!


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