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Pancakes, Commercials, Books and more! December 18, 2012

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    ~ Upcoming Events this week! ~


Our Pajama Pancake Breakfast will be held on Friday, December 21st!  Wear your Pajamas to school and get ready to eat some pancakes!  Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help out and bring in supplies!  We could use a few more volunteers if anyone is interested in coming in Friday morning between 9:00 – 10:30am




The kids used our class iPads to create a commercial to motivate students in the school to bring in donations.  This is the first version of the commercial.  The 2nd version includes a few more students who were absent.  I will post that version on the blog soon!  The Humane Society will visit our classroom on Friday, December 21st with a puppy or dog.  We are so excited!

Here is our commercial!





Our classroom book gift exchange will be on Friday, December 21st.  Please bring a wrapped book (spend $5-$7) on or before that day.  Let me know if you need any help with this!




HOLIDAY BREAK HOMEWORK: Past Present Future Project

5421826-the-funny-girl-doing-his-homeworkYour child will be bringing home a fun homework assignment this week.  It is due the week of January 7th.  Here are the instructions for our Past, Present Future Project: PDF Instructions for Project  Your child will bring home a paper copy of the instructions and a white folded piece of paper to use for his/her timeline.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the assignment.  Have fun!



A few quick updates!

  • Library: We did not check out books this week

  • Needs/Wants ~ We did a collage sorting pictures of things that are “needs” and “wants”

  • Writing Workshop ~ We are learning how to use EET to strengthen our drawing and writing skills.  Here is a copy of the paper we use: Writing Paper PDF  Please feel free to print copies of this paper and use it at home to practice.  Ask your child how to use this paper .  I will post some more information about this paper and how to use it with your child at home.  I would love if your child could bring any of his/her writing pieces to school to share 🙂  Happy writing!

  • Phonic Soup: We learned the digraphs: CH, SH and TH.  We will be learning about silent e and long vowels after the holiday break.

  • Spelling ~ Vowels!  Every word has a vowel.  Help your child sound out and spell simple words at home.

  • Popcorn! Keep practicing Popcorn Words at home.  🙂

  • Math!  We are learning/studying the following…

    • count by 10’s

    • place value (tens and ones)

    • writing and identifying teen numbers

    • Equations (adding objects numbers to 10)

    • more/less (deciding which number is higher/lower)

  • Handwriting ~ We finished all the uppercase letters in our handwriting books.  We will begin lowercase letters on January 7th!

  • Boots ~ Your child will have a special spot in the hallway for his/her boots.  They are welcome to bring some comfy shoes to change into while they are at school.

  • Reading ~ We are working on pointing to the words and using picture clues.  The children are also working on reading stamina.  We will begin discussing story elements and sequencing after the holiday break.   Please talk to your children about the authors and illustrators when you read books with them.  Have fun reading together with your child over the break!

  • RAZ-Kids – Please continue to listen, read and take quizzes on raz-kids.  (quizzes do not start until level a)



Have a wonderful Holiday break!  Your children are beyond amazing and I am honored that I get to guide them through their first year of school at Lakeland Elementary.  Please enjoy this time with your family.  I look forward to more learning, smiling and growing in 2013 with your wonderful children!  


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