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Writing Workshop EET Printable December 22, 2012

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EET Beads

Below is a copy of the writing paper we are using in class.  (click photo of paper below) Students use EET to help them add details and expressive language to their writing.

We originally used EET to help students orally explain what they know about a topic.  Mrs. Bergquist has expanded on this idea and helped us use EET to improve our writing skills.  Each bead means something different.  I am planning to post video of the students using the EET during Writing Workshop time.  I am hoping that this will help you work with your child at home.

If your child creates a story using EET at home, PLEASE have your child bring in their paper so we can celebrate their piece of writing at school!  Some stories may require more than 1 page (and more than one day) to complete.  I encourage students to use as many pages as they need to get the details for a complete story.  Students can color in the beads at the top of the writing paper to help them remember what beads they covered on each page of their story.  It is a nice check list for making sure we have all the necessary details in a story.

Practicing telling stories orally with words before we draw/write helps a lot.  Have your child “turn and talk” to you at home about what they want to write about the next day in class.   You can use the beads to ask questions about details they may have missed.  For example you could ask your child, “You said you went to the park.  What did you BLUE DO at the park?”

FYI: We write Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday  9:30 – 10:00am.

Writing is supposed to be FUN and a great way to express creativity and ideas.  If you ever have a question about writing with your child at home, please feel free to send me an email 🙂


EET for “Writing Workshop”

  • Green GroupWHO is in your story?
  • Blue Do – What did you DO in your story?
  • “eye-ball bead” – What does it look like?  What did you SEE in your story?
  • Brown – What is it made of?  How did you FEEL
  • Pink Parts (we do not use this bead during writing, but it is called “pink parts”)
  • White Where – WHERE are you in the story?
  • Orange – WHAT ELSE do you know?  (add other details you may have missed)



EET Writing Paper – Thank you Mrs. Bergquist for creating this document!!!

(click image to open file in Google Docs)

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.39.38 PM


Below is an image of the EET Beads along with the description for each bead.  The children also have smaller individual “EET beads” that they can use during writing workshop.



2 Responses to “Writing Workshop EET Printable”

  1. mrshuf Says:

    Amazing! I want! Where do you get these awesome beads!!! 🙂

    • Bethany Arsenault Says:

      Contact Heather Bergquist at our building. She ordered the expressive language kits for our staff. It has made a really big difference in our writers. I am so thankful for her ❤ We had the latchkey kids make little individual beads for our kids to use. I can send you one to show you how they made them.

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