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Scoot Pad! March 4, 2013

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I am excited to tell you about “Scoot Pad!”

-Scoot Pad is a leading academic practice platform. Kids are motivated to practice math and reading with ScootPad, gaining confidence and a desire to learn rapidly.

We will be using Scoot Pad during our computer lab time and we will be using the Scoot Pad app on our iPads in our classroom.  Below is a video introduction to Scootpad.  Your child will be bringing home his/her login information this week.  Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂



Technology Integration August 21, 2012

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I take the children to the computer lab every Tuesday/Thursday.  After a mini-lesson, the children utilize web based educational games that specifically complement the Common Core Standards.

I encourage students to use vocabulary such as: “browser”, “link”, “monitor”, “space bar”, etc…  I also encourage early keyboarding skills.  Please check out the “Games” category on the right.  Those are some of the educational games we use in the lab.

I am graduating in December from MSU with a Masters in Educational Technology.    Early exposure to technology will help your child be better prepared for first grade.  Here is a copy of the Michigan GLCEs for Technology:





I purchased a subscription to MORE.STARFALL.COM for our class.  This awesome site focuses on Literacy and Math.  Each student gets to create a log-in and password with an individualized avatar.  I can track their progress as well. is not available for home use under my subscription because I only have enough “authorizations” for the 30 computers in the lab.  You can purchase it through their website for home use for $35 a year if you would like to.

The free version of starfall is also available for home use:




We have a Classroom iPad!!

Our class will be piloting an iPad program this year!  Our class was given an iPad to use for the year.  

It is a great opportunity!  


ipad apps we use in class! October 22, 2011

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We have a classroom ipad that the kids are using for handwriting, reading, math, writing workshop, and audio & video projects throughout the year.  The kids are loving it!


Below is a link to a list of the iPad apps that we use on a regular basis.


Here is a fun video about the ipad saying, “there’s an APP for that!”


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