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HOMEWORK October 30, 2012

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Reading_Homework – DUE every MONDAY

This homework comes home on Thursdays and is returned on Monday.  The books are leveled and cooincide with the Popcorn words.  The books are then put inside the child’s independent book box at school.  Reading Homework begins November 2nd.



Popcorn_Word Activities– Practice at home 🙂  This activity is fun and should be low stress!

 Arsenault popcorn words 2012 Popcorn containers will be sent home at the end of October.  Please keep them in a convenient and important place at home so your child can easily access his/her words.  Your child does not need to bring them to school because they already have a copy of their words at school.

  • Your child will be assessed on his/her word level at school.  They must pass the level 3 times AT SCHOOL to pass that level.
  • When your child passes a reading level, he/she will receive a certificate and baggy with new words.  Please put the new word on the ring at home.  After a few levels your child will have many different words on his/her Popcorn word ring.



Non Fiction Read/Write will begin: January 2012

*Due every Friday and comes home on the following Friday.

You will have one whole week to complete this homework.

If your child forgets or is absent on Thursday, please put another fact from the same book inside the journal and return it promptly on Thursday.  Please make sure that the homework is sent in on time so that another child may enjoy that book.

(“Homework” is also a grade on your child’s report card.)


Past Present Future Project – Assigned during holiday break DUE the week of JANUARY 7, 2012


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