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New “Good Choices” charts March 4, 2012

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The new Good Choices charts are sent home weekly (Thursdays.)  Students can earn 2 stickers per day if they stay on green, 1 if they are on yellow and Zero for orange/red.  If the student earns 6/7 stickers that week – they can get 1 treasure chest prize.  If the student earns all 8 stickers that week – they can get 2 treasure chest prizes!

If your student has an issue at school, you will be notified via email or get a phone call depending on the issue.





Name Picker October 21, 2011

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This is a fun way to call on students in class :)

Click here for larger version


Rules and Routines August 26, 2011

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Please read all three posts below 🙂 thank you!


Class Number

  • Each student will have a “class number”  (1-24)
  • Click the PDF file below for Class Numbers assignments:

Assigned spots

  • Each student has an assigned spot when we line up (A, B, C, D, E…).  They will either be in the “blue line” or the “green line”
  • Students will have an assigned square to sit in when they sit in group.  The rules are: Don’t touch the tape and respect other’s personal space by keeping your bodies inside your square
  • Table Teams – Each student will sit at an assigned spot and be a part of a team.  Each team has supplies that only belong to that table.  The teams are: Dolphin, Elephant, Turtle, Penguin, Tiger, Squirrel, and Monkey.


  • Each student has a cubby for academic items
  • Items allowed in the cubby: bookbox, handwriting workbook, “try-it” notebook, Writing Workshop Folder, Magic Reading Wand, Math box…
  • No food, water or clothing should be put in the cubby.


  • Each student has a mailbox AND a take home folder (I provide this)
  • The folder needs to be brought back to school EVERY DAY.
  • Parents can put any notes for the teacher in this folder.
  • Please do not put any stickers or write anything on this folder.
  • Please send this folder back to school either: EMPTY or WITH any notes for the teacher/school.  I will check these folders at the beginning of the year, but eventually he/she will be responsible for handing in any notes to me.  You are also welcome to pin notes to your child’s shirt or email me directly.


Good Choices Chart

  • Green = 2 stickers (awesome!)
  • Yellow = 1 stickers (Slow down, check your choices!)
  • Orange = 0 stickers (oops!  We REALLY need to take a break and think about what we SHOULD have done instead)
  • Red = 0 stickers (call parent, Chat with Mrs. LaRosa if needed, and take some time out to think about our choices)

Classroom Jobs

  • Classroom jobs will begin after I model each job in class. (around the Beg. of Oct)
  • On a rotation, the students will get to do jobs around the classroom.

Toys from home

  • Please keep ALL toys from home AT home.
  • The star of the week is the only one  (unless given permisson by teacher) allowed to bring in items to share.

Daily Plan & Book Boxes! August 25, 2011

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clipboardDAILY PLAN

Every day the children will have a “daily plan” that they will have to complete.  The plan includes a “menu” of tasks that the student must complete and then cross off.   This process helps the children with organization and setting goals.  Each task is in a “boat” and when the child completes all of the tasks he/she can check out with the teacher and then “dive down” to sign up for center choices.  The students use a photo ticket to sign up for center choices on the orange chart.




Independent Book Boxes

Each student receives a book box for school.  The book box contains books we make in class and books at your child’s specific reading level.  Students can use these boxes during independent reading and when they read to their 2nd grade book buddy.  Happy Reading!!!


Shoes, Good Choices and Mail… August 24, 2011

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Please make a big deal when your child is on “GREEN” at school . Getting on YELLOW isn’t the end of the world, but it is a helpful to discuss how we can make better choices next time.   Happy kids = Happy learners!



Each child  has a mailbox in our classroom for daily take home mail.  Your child will bring home a daily take home folder.  This plastic folder should return to school everyday.  Thank you!



Shoes – I recommend that your child wear tennis shoes to school.  This will help your  child be prepared for Physical Education, recess and the wood chips too!


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